A visual experience serves as a beacon of calmness.


In a rapidly changing and stressful world, the Margreet van Steijn visual identity serves as a beacon of calmness. Offering a feeling of peace and stability for those looking to find inner balance.

Margreet van Steijn
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12 weeks
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Visual identity
Image library
Image curation
Website Design
Webflow Development
Design DNA

Design that speaks to Margeet's character

We’ve created a visual identity with a focus on simplicity and tranquility. By using gentle color schemes, soothing visuals, and an intuitive layout, we aim to make experience as peaceful and easy as possible. This approach aligns with the same sense of serenity found in Margreet van Steijn’s way of working.

What our clients say

Thank you for the beautiful identity, the wonderful logo, and the high-quality website. I'm very happy with the result. I enjoyed working with you, and if there are people who need your kind of services, I will definitely recommend you!

Margreet van Steijn
Full Brand identity, custom website design & developement
brand imagery

The world of hydrogen and all it's innovative minds

The image library is characterized by recognizing the beauty in everyday scenes—a pair of perfectly ripe figs or the way the morning light casts onto your bedroom wall. The library contributes to the overall calm and elegant brand universe.


Navigate with ease through a calm online oasis

From the moment users arrive on the site, they will be captivated by sophisticated aesthetic of our design. The use of whitespace and carefully chosen color palettes creates a sense of tranquility and balance, making it a pleasure to explore and interact with.

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