From local facility to a hydrogen hub with global allure

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A physical hydrogen hub where people and tech come together


We understand that the hydrogen industry can be complex, which is why our design is focused on providing clear and concise information that is easy to understand. The use of 3D animations helps to simplify the process and provide a visual representation of how hydrogen is produced.

H2 Hub Twente
Project duration
12 weeks
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Visual identity
3D animation
Website Design
Webflow Development
Design DNA

The design speaks to the global nature of the hydrogen industry

The sleek and modern design reflects the innovation and cutting-edge technology involved in the production of hydrogen. The use of animations and a clean layouts ensures that the content is easy to read and digest, while still being visually engaging.

What our clients say

I'm highly pleased with this graphic design agency. They provided surprising ideas, creative solutions throughout, and delivered impressive work. A reliable partner for visually creative solutions.

Gerard Schröder
CEO - H2 Hub Twente
Full Brand identity, custom website design & developement
brand imagery

The world of hydrogen and all it's innovative minds

Whether you’re a hydrogen industry expert or just interested in learning more, H2 Hub Twente is a place where minds come together. Serves as a collaborative space where individuals with shared goals come together to make progress in the hydrogen industry.


A content-heavy approach to provide in-depth information on the production process

With our informative and visually engaging design, we'll help you take a deep dive into the world of hydrogen production. The website has everything you need to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest developmentsMaking it a valuable resource for anyone interested in the industry.

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From local facility to hydrogen hub with global allure
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