Branding Europe's oldest crypto fund

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Combining heritage with innovation


We've created a visual identity that reflects the sophistication and credibility of a traditional financial institution, while also embracing the cutting-edge technology of the cryptocurrency world. This approach sets our client apart from other cryptocurrency funds and makes them more accessible to a wider audience.

Cyber Capital B.V.
Project duration
12 weeks
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Visual identity
Profile shots
Website Design
Webflow Development
Design DNA

Stand out from typical crypto branding

Our team has developed a visual identity that combines classic elements of financial branding with modern cryptocurrency design elements. This creates a bridge between the old and the new, reflecting the unique position of our client in the cryptocurrency world.

What our clients say

Studio Zakmes truly understood our values and the story we wanted to convey on our website. Their expertise brought our online presence to life with captivating pictures and design. Every step of the process was marked by their thoughtful approach and innovative ideas, leaving us thrilled with the compliments and outstanding result!

Stephan Brouwer
Client Relations Manager
Full Brand identity, custom website design & developement
brand imagery

The world of hydrogen and all it's innovative minds

Whether you’re a hydrogen industry expert or just interested in learning more, H2 Hub Twente is a place where minds come together. Serves as a collaborative space where individuals with shared goals come together to make progress in the hydrogen industry.


Transparent and professional

The website design is clear, concise, and easy to navigate, with a focus on delivering information to potential investors in a professional and transparent manner. We've incorporated bold typography and high-quality imagery to create an engaging and informative user experience.

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From local facility to hydrogen hub with global allure
Healing from within
Europe's oldest crypto fund
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